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UBO Registration in the Netherlands

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As of 27 September 2020, the register of the ultimate beneficial owners (the UBO Register) is in place in the Netherlands. Each corporate or other entity incorporated or founded in the Netherlands must obtain and register information on the persons who ultimately own or control them. In the Netherlands, the UBO is an owner or a person who is effectively in control.

The Register will be held and managed by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK). It is responsible to collect, register, store, revise, and keep up-to-date the relevant information on the UBO(s).

Anton, Anna, and John are the natural persons who hold shares directly in BV1. Anton would not be identified as the UBO as he is holding less than 25% directly in BV1. Anna will be identified as the UBO of BV1, as she is holding more than 25% shares directly in BV1. John would be identified as the UBO for BV1 as he is holding exactly 25% directly in BV1.


1.WHO the Ultimate Beneficial owner is?

– a person who owns more than 25% of shares of a company or legal entity;

– a person who has more than 25% of the voting rights of a company;

– a person who is effectively in control of the company.

PLEASE NOTE: in case no person can be classified as the UBO, the senior management board can be appointed as pseudo-UBO(s).


The UBO Register is in place since 27 September 2020. All UBOs of existing organizations must be registered within KvK before 27 March 2022. New entities will have to register their UBOs immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: Registering the UBO(s) entails submitting relevant supporting documentation! All entities registered within the KvK will receive a letter KvK, explaining how UBOs can be registered.

3.WHICH organizations are obliged to register UBO(s)?

  • Private limited companies (B.V.) & public limited companies (N.V.);
  • Foundations;
  • Associations with full legal capacity or limited legal capacity but with business activity;
  • Mutual insurance companies;
  • Cooperatives;
  • Partnerships, general partnerships (V.O.F.), and limited partnerships (C.V.);
  • Shipping companies;
  • SEs, SCEs, and EEIGs;
  • Religious organizations.

4.WHICH information on the UBO(s) should be filed?

The following information will be

  1. Publicly accessible:
  • Full name;
  • Month & year of birth;
  • Nationality;
  • Country of residence;
  • Nature and extent of the interest held.
  1. Publicly inaccessible (can be obtained only by an authorized competent authority like notary, lawyer, FIU, prosecutor, etc.):
  • Day, place & country of birth;
  • Citizen service number (BSN) or foreign tax identification number (TIN);
  • Copies of documents showing an individual’s status as UBO.

5.HOW to register?

  • Online on KvK website
  • Application form via post to KvK
  • Through JuridConsult

JuridConsult team would be glad to assist you by registering the UBOs of your company by KvK. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by info@juridconsult.nl or by phone +31(0)626523008.

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