Legalization | Embassy of Qatar 

JuridConsult provides legalization services by the Embassy of Qatar in The Hague.

Tariffs of the Embassy:
                      Personal documents:
                                      (diploma, birth certificate, marriage certificate etc.)      EUR 25.00
                      Legal documents
                                      (power of attorney, contracts)                                           EUR 38.00
                      Certificate of Origin                                                                             EUR 38.00
                      Other documents                                                                                EUR 25.00

Invoice legalization – depends on the value of the invoice. For the exact embassy costs for invoice legalization please contact us by email:

1. Original document;
2. Original should be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• In case document is in Dutch it should be translated into English by sworn translator. JuridConsult can assist you with providing sworn translation of the Dutch document into English;
• JuridConsult can assist you with the legalization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
• Documents issued in Denmark for purposes to be used in Qatar can also be legalized, please contact us for more information.

For any further questions please let us know by contacting on or by phone           +31 626 52 3008.

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