Certified true copies of documents

Such documents as passport, diploma, birth certificate, driving licence, etc. are issued in a single original copy. You may need to certify a copy of such a document, for example, for hiring procedure, to enroll in an educational institution, for registration of inheritance, for benefits, pensions, and payments, for the commission of various property transactions, etc. In order not to present the original document and not to be afraid of losing it, you can certify a copy of it by a notary, as in most cases, a certified copy has the same legal value as the original.
While certifying a document as a true copy of the original, a notary does not certify facts stated in the document, but only certifies the conformity with the text and details of the original document. Certification of copies of documents by a notary is carried out only on presentation of original documents, however your personal presence during this procedure is not required.
Both official and non-unofficial documents consisting of one/several pages or parts and issued in any language may be certified. A certified copy of the document is valid for the duration of the original document.
The list of notarial acts performed by the notary:

  • Certification of the authenticity of copies of documents and extracts from them;
  • Certification of the authenticity of signatures on documents

The notary has NO right to certify copies of documents or extracts from them in the following cases:

  • text of the document contains unspecified fixes, registry, crossed words;
  • a document or part of it is written in pencil;
  • a document contains unreadable text pieces, print, details, or signatures, etc.;
  • the integrity of the document is broken;
  • a document consists of more than one sheet, not numbered, not stitched and sealed by the signature of the authorized official;
  • surface of a document is laminated or hidden by any other technical way and as a result there is no possibility to make definitive conclusions about its authenticity.

JuridConsult provides notary services including notarized power of attorney, consent / authorization and applications for which the presence of the principal (person giving the authorization) is required. Certification is possible in Dutch and English and, if necessary, can be translated into other language. The list of languages offered by our company you can find here.

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