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In the Netherlands, you can have official private and/or business documents, such as birth/ marriage certificates and/or extracts from the Chamber of Commerce or certificates of residence legalised by obtaining a so-called Apostille stamp (or simply an Apostille). Once you have that, the document becomes a legalised document, and you may proceed to use it in all countries that are party to the the Hague Apostille Convention. JuridConsult will happily assist in this matter and legalise the documents on your behalf. In case you should require JuridConsult’s services. Please feel free to get in touch.

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Apostille stamp on a document

Apostille stamp can be obtained by any district court. You can obtain the stamp by the court yourself or let us do it for you. We are happy to to profesionally assist you in this matter. In addition to this support, we also offer sworn translation services of an Apostille. In the Netherlands you can obtain an Apostille stamp in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Our company brings you high-quality and efficient legal services, as well as the fastest and most effective step-by-step strategy for finding feasible solutions.

What is an Apostille stamp?

The Netherlands has signed the 1961 Hague Apostille Convention. It means that all documents requiring legalisation by obtaining an Apostille stamp are recognised by the authorities in another country. With the Apostille stamp, your document is automatically deemed valid in all countries that too are party to The Hague Apostille Convention. Currently the Apostille is recognised in 118 member states. In case you should require legalisation in any country that is not party to this convention, other options exist to have your document legalised nevertheless. You may count on us to take care of things.

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Frequently asked questions (fAQ)

The time it takes to obtain an apostille varies depending on various factors, including the country where the application is submitted and the specific procedures of the competent authorities. In some cases, it may take a few days, while in others, it may take longer depending on the workload and complexity of the application. It is advisable to contact the competent authority for an accurate estimate of the processing time.

The process for applying for and obtaining an apostille may vary by country and the specific requirements of the authorities. Generally, the following steps apply:

1. Identify the competent authority.

2. Gather the necessary documents, including any additional information required.

3. Submit the application to the competent authority, either in person, by mail, or online.

4. Pay any associated fees for the application.

5. Await processing by the authorities, which may vary in duration.

An apostille costs €22. The service fee for this is €40, excluding 21% VAT. The average delivery time is 3-5 days. We also offer an expedited service for €60, plus 21% VAT. With the expedited service, you will receive your apostille within 1 business day. The price of an apostille stamp outside the Netherlands varies depending on the country, region, and government. For more information and prices regarding the apostille stamp, please submit a query via our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

You can submit a apostille request with us, and we’ll take care of the rest. We provide a simple online process for apostille applications, allowing you to quickly and easily follow the necessary steps to prepare your documents for international use.

An apostille generally does not have an expiration date. Once a document is affixed with an apostille, it typically remains valid indefinitely. However, it’s important to note that the validity of an apostille can vary depending on the country where the document is being used and the specific requirements of the receiving authority. It is advisable to verify the validity of the apostille with the relevant authorities or agencies in the country where the document will be used, just to be sure.

What our clients say about us

ömer köksalömer köksal
11:24 11 May 23
they provided very nice & reliable service and completed earlier than the expected date.Great work.
Daniela ArballoDaniela Arballo
10:24 05 May 23
Fast and professional service. All the process was super easy and clear for me coming from abroad I’m quite pleased thank you
Carly DeSantisCarly DeSantis
10:45 03 May 23
Luis and his team deserve 5 starts! We found them through youtube when I was puzzled with all rules and regulations for my apostille for my birthcertificate which I needed very fast! His movies explained easily what it was, and what needed to be done. We decided to make use of his services, there are many providers but all of them request you sending your birth certificate across seas. I didnt feel comfortable with this but with Luis he accepted a photocopy and organized everything for us within 3 days! I was very amazed by the quickness and the updates from his side. The price was also the best price which I could find on the internet with the best service.
Ittay WeissIttay Weiss
11:01 04 Apr 23
I needed to get a police clearance report (VOG) with apostille. The communication before the process started was very clear, and conducted in a friendly an efficient manner. After a very short verification that I filled the forms correctly, the process was underway. Everything proceeded as promised, and the document was delivered to me within a very reasonable period of time. I'm very thankful for the excellent service JuridConsult provided me with. I would certainly use their services in the future if needed.
Marilena NaeMarilena Nae
14:22 21 Feb 23
Professional service! I used the service to obtain a Tax Residency Certificate. Juridic Consult has experience in this field and has a solid track record of success in handling similar cases. The team is responsive, communicates well and takes the time to understand your unique situation and needs. The cost of the consultation is also reasonable.
Ilya ShulmanIlya Shulman
11:22 16 Nov 22
One satisfied customer here 🙂 Quick communication, reasonable pricing, all translation accepted – I do recommend.
Liza vedraLiza vedra
14:01 02 Nov 22
Everything I needed for legalization was done very quickly and professionally!
Derek WilminkDerek Wilmink
11:05 04 Aug 22
Diana was very quick, efficient and transparent about the process. She helped me to get educational documents attested by the Qatar Embassy, which is a complicated multi-step process. Her help was invaluable.
Barbra BothaBarbra Botha
07:59 20 Jun 22
Great service. Would definitely recommend their services. Thank you.
Janaina CesaJanaina Cesa
10:26 09 Sep 21
I had a great experience dealing with Jurid Consult. They were fast, reliable and professional. I would definitely recommend their services and make use of it again in the future. Thanks!

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