Welcome to JuridConsult

JuridConsult Legal Services is a company offering a full range of legal services and translation services for private and legal persons in the Netherlands.

The main services include:

  • Legalization of the Dutch documents (in the court, ministries and embassies);
  • Sworn translations of the documents;
  • Arrangement of extracts from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce;
  • Arrangement of the certificate of residence of the Dutch company in the Netherlands;
  • Registration of the companies and providing business legal address;
  • Trust services through mediation;
  • Accompaniment in corporate/commercial deals;
  • Business structuring, assisting in the maintenance of the companies;
  • Notarial services (power of attorneys, certified true copies of the documents);
  • Assisting students in their application in the Dutch higher education instances.

Our lawyers review each request and question on case-by-case basis. Each problem is special and unique. Our goal is to satisfy the needs and interests of our clients. Your well-being and satisfaction is above the all!

We sincerely wish you success in all you endowers and we will be pleased to provide you with full professional support and assistance.

Faithfully yours,

JuridConsult Legal Services Team