Free Sales Certificate | FSC

What is Free Sales Certificate?

Are you considering to export goods or products outside the European Union. In this case you might need the Free Sales Certificate of simply FSC.

FSC is a statement for exporting goods to the countries outside the European Union and EEA.

FSC is an export declaration that confirms that the goods are compliant with the EU rules and these can be traced within the Europe without any restrictions.

An FSC is an export declaration stating that the products in the export declaration comply with EU rules and that you may trade those products within Europe.

An FSC is mandatory for exporting:

  • food
  • non-food products
  • animal feed
  • medical devices
  • pharmaceutical products
  • crop protection agents
  • biocides.

Apostille for Free Sales Certificate OR Legalisation of Free Sales Certificate

In most of the cases in order that FSC is valid to be used outside the Netherlands, it should be Apostilled or legalised by the embassy of consulate.

The legalisation, certification and authentication processes are quite complex and time consuming. Quite often the documents are required to be certified by several authorities in order to be valid in another country. In most of the cases such legalisation procedures cannot be completed in one day and require a lot of effort (arranging pre-advanced appointment/s, preparing supporting documents, visiting one or another authority). You can certainly save time and transportation costs by allowing us to take these tasks over and lie on our expertise and professionalism.


JuridConsult can assist you by legalising and/or arranging Apostille on the FSC for its use abroad. Simply by submitting your request through below request button you will save effort and time of bureaucratical handlings and your FSC can be legalised in couple of days.  

Requirements for the legalisation

In order to arrange Apostille for FSC or legalise FCP by the embassy of consulate a scanned copy or the original of FSC is required. 


Simple steps to get FSC legalised:

1.       Send us a request by email;

2.       Attach a copy of an FSC by email;

3.       Receive the offer for the legalisation services;

4.       Pay the costs;

5.       Receive your legalised FSC by registered mail or courier delivery.


Besides the attestation and legalisation of FSC in the Netherlands, we would be happy to assist you with the attestation and legalisation of the following documents: 


We would be happy to assist you with the following services as well: sworn translations, arranging Dutch compoany extract, requesting tax residency certificate

Apostille and Legalisation services of JuridConsult

What you will benefit:

ü  swift and prompt communication (our team speaks in English, Dutch, Greek, Latvian and Russian);

ü  professional team with 10 years expertise in legalisation, certification and translation fields;

ü  case-by-case solution;

ü  we are co-working with more than 60 embassies in the Netherlands and Belgium;

ü  daily handling at the notaries public, courts and ministries;

ü  careful processing of your order , reliable and confidential handling;

ü  scanned copies of the completed documents by email (always is a must within our company);

ü  postage  and pick up by Fedex/DHL courier or registered mail;


ü  fixed and affordable prices.

“JuridConsult offers professional assistance in the legalisation and attestation services in the Netherlands. You can save your time and effort!

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