• Certificate of Good Conduct

Certificate of Good Conduct with Apostille in The Netherlands (VOG)

Starting a new job or require a visa? Your employer might ask for a Dutch Certificate of Good Conduct, which is sometimes referred to as a Police Clearance Certificate or siply VOG (Verklaring omtrent het gedrag, VOG).

Some professions require you to provide Certificate of Good Conduct with Apostille or legalisation, in order to indicate that you have not committed any criminal offenses in the past in the Netherlands, and that your behaviour does not pose any risk for you being able to perform a specific task or job within a company. You may also need a VOG to emigrate or when applying for a visa.

Who needs a VOG?

Jobs, like teaching, child-minding, driving instructors or a taxi drivers, a VOG is compulsory. It is also mandatory for employees and volunteers who work with confidential information (such as doctors or lawyers), with vulnerable people (such as healthcare), with money or valuable goods (such as accountants or mortgage advisors), and for the government. In all other cases, the collective labour agreement (CAO) in your company or sector, determines if you ask an employee or volunteer for a VOG.

Two types of VOG

It is possible to request VOG:

  1. for natural persons and/or
  2. for legal persons.

As an individual employee, you will need a VOG for natural persons.

Apply for VOG

The procedure of application can be done in both ways either via Ministry of Justice and Security (Justis – www.justis.nl) or via our company JuridConsult.

In order successfully obtain a Dutch Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) for you, we will request to receive the following documents:

Keep in mind, the certificate is issued in Dutch with a small remark in English; however, JuridConsult provides sworn translations in more than 60 languages. Besides our sworn translations services, we are ready to assist you in legalizing the certificate by arranging the embassy legalisation or/and Apostille on VOG. The entire procedure of arranging the certificate takes up till 4-5 weeks. Upon the completion, JuridConsult will send the certificate to your home address or you can pick it up at the office.  

Request to obtain VOG

JuridConsult offers various legal services, including assistance in obtaining a Dutch Certificate of Good Conduct with Apostille for you! We have all kinds of legal assistance under one roof. Our advisers pay a lot of personal attention to your case and act quickly. This way you will always receive a customized answer within one working day. Our team can also assist you in Dutch, Russian or Latvian languages.

Certificate of Good Conduct with Apostille

Apostille stamp can be obtained by any district court. You can obtain the stamp by the court yourself or let us do it for you. We are happy to to profesionally assist you in this matter. In addition to this support, we also offer sworn translation services of an Apostille. In the Netherlands you can obtain an Apostille stamp in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Our company brings you high-quality and efficient legal services, as well as the fastest and most effective step-by-step strategy for finding feasible solutions.

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