• Tax Residency Certificate Netherlands

Tax Residency Certificate Netherlands

Tax Residency Certificate Netherlands? JuridConsult is happy to offer you services for obtaining a tax residency certificate Netherlands. This is a document certifying that an individual or an organisation is liable for taxes in the Netherlands. The certificate is provided by the Dutch Tax Authority and serves as a confirmation of tax residency in the Netherlands. We are happy to offer you service of obtaining such certificate issued by the Dutch Tax Authority, including English translation and an Apostille stamp.

JuridConsult offers professional legal assistance, support and other legal services in the Netherlands. Our company guarantees high quality and efficiency of legal services as well as the quickest and the most effective approach to finding viable solutions step by step.

Switch to our professional help today to be able to carry out your activities abroad. You can get in touch with us here. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Costs of the tax residency certificate and legalisation – Tax residency certificate Netherlands

How much does it cost to obtain a tax residency certificate along with legalisation thereof? We calculated the costs for you:

  • Tax residency certificate without an Apostille: € 41,00+21% VAT;
  • Tax residency certificate with an Apostille: € 95,00+21% VAT;
  • Sworn translation of tax residency certificate without an Apostille stamp: starting with € 70,00+21% VAT;
  • Sworn translation of tax residency certificate with an Apostille stamp: starting with € 110,00+21% VAT;
  • Postal charges to one address in the Netherlands: €6.50 +21%VAT.

It is possible to arrange translation of the tax residency certificate to other languages. The translation costs depend on the required language. Do you have any questions about our rates? You can get in touch with us here for more information.

Legalisation of tax residency certificate helps prevent double taxation.

Legalisation of tax residency certificate is normally required for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaging in economic activities abroad. If a company delivers goods or offers services to a foreign partner, the latter may need such certificate too. It helps foreign companies to avoid double taxation.

Furthermore, such certificate may be helpful for foreign companies or residents eligible for dividends from foreign firms. Foreign residents working in the Netherlands can obtain such certificate in order to submit it to the tax authorities in their country of origin.

Request a tax residency certificate Netherlands

Would you like to request a tax residency certificate? Yes, you can do it by emailing the following details to info@juridconsult.nl:

  • Your name or name of the company;
  • Fiscal number/ RSIN number;
  • The exact calendar year you need your certificate for;
  • Name of the country, to which you will submit your tax residency certificate;
  • Address for invoice and delivery of the original;
  • Confirmation whether an Apostille stamp is required or not.

Duration of obtaining the tax residency certificate from the Tax Authorities depends on the current workload of the Dutch Tax Authority. It usually takes about 3 to 6 weeks. 

Everything under one roof

Why is our family business different from other service providers in our field? JuridConsult always keeps you updated about the status of your procedure. When you work with us, you always know where you are heading to. Furthermore, you can enjoy the following distinctive features of our business:

  • JuridConsult offers you all services under one roof;
  • You always get customized advice within one day;
  • We offer personal attention to our clients;
  • Knowledge and expertise in the field of languages;
  • We can assist you in Dutch, English, Russian and Latvian languages.

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Besides tax residency certificates

Besides the tax residency certificate, we also would be happy to legalize for you the following documents:

We truly wish you success in all your endeavours and offer you our professional help and assistance.

Request your tax residency certificate with us!

Request your tax residency certificate today. It will help you prove that you are paying taxes in the Netherlands and prevent double taxation. You simply prove that your fiscal residency location is the Netherlands.

Would you like to get more information about our business services, secretarial services we offer, legalisation at the notary or request your tax residency certificate? You can get in touch with us here for more information. You can call +31(0)626523008, fill out contact form or bell Skype: JuridConsult. We will respond as soon as possible. Or send us a message through Facebook right now!


Tax Residency Certificate Netherlands


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