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Get an Apostille stamp in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands you can have official private and/or corporate documents, such as birth, marriage certificates and/or company extract, tax residency certificate legalized by an Apostille stamp. Once you have an Apostille stamp, the document is legalised and you can use it in all countries that members to the Apostille Convention. You can contact JuridConsult in order to legalise your document! Do you want to use the services of JuridConsult? Get in touch with us!

Apostille stamp for a document

Apostille stamp can be obtained by any district court. You can obtain the stamp by the court yourself or let us do it for you. We are happy to help you and offer you professional assistance and support. In addition to this support, we also offer Apostille translation services. In the Netherlands you can obtain an Apostille stamp in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

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What is an Apostille stamp?

The Netherlands is a member of The Hague Convention of 1961 – Apostille Convention. It means that documents that are affixed with an Apostille stamp are automatically recognized by authority in another country. The document with an Apostille stamp is automatically recognized as valid in all countries that are members of The Hague Apostille Convention. Currently Apostille is recognized in 118 member countries. Do you need recognition for a country that is not a member of this Convention? In this case other legalisation procedures are applicable, such as ministerial and embassy legalisation. We can assist you in these legalisation procedures as well.

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JuridConsult offers other services in addition to legalisation of documents. We are happy to help with the following:

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