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Sworn Translations 



To reside in a foreign country you may need the documents issued by the country you were born in. They are to be translated into one of the official languages of the country. In the Netherlands, besides Dutch language, you can also apply sworn translated documents to a number of public authorities in English, German and French.

JuridConsult provides sworn (certified) translation services of both standard and non-standard documents from and into Dutch language, regardless of the original language of the document. The most popular language combinations are the following:

                    Russian – Dutch or English

                    Ukrainian – Dutch or English

                    Latvian – Dutch or English

                    Estonian -Dutch or English

                    Georgian – Dutch or English

                    Armenian – Dutch or English

                    Bulgarian – Dutch or English

                    Polish – Dutch or English

                    Italian – Dutch or English

                    Greek – Dutch or English

                    Romanian – Dutch or English

                    and others.


The full list of languages you can find here. 

Standard documents are considered to have the form approved by the country’s legislation and are as follows:

  • Passport;
  • Driver’s license;
  • Residence permit;
  • Certificate from the municipality (Gemeente), such as birth/death certificate, marriage/divorce certificate;
  • Extract from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel);
  • Extract from the tax authorities (Belastingdienst);
  • Diplomas of Higher Education (without a list of marks or other inserts).

Documents that don’t have the approved form are non-standard documents. For example, Certificates of Incorporation, marriage contracts, contracts, correspondence and other documentation of legal, economic and technical nature.

Our company offers translations of English and Dutch documents into more than 50 languages and vice versa. The list of the languages you can find here.

For more information about translational costs please leave your message here or in Skype: juridconsult and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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