Translation of Documents with Apostille

Professional Apostille Translation Services

Translation of Documents with Apostille

Translate And Legalise Documents

When dealing with international affairs, such as studying abroad, international trade, or relocation, apostilled documents can be indispensable. However, these documents must be presented in the official language of the respective country.

At Jurid Consult, we understand the critical role of apostille translations in the international legal arena. Do you have an official apostille document that needs to be translated? Our sworn translators can translate your document into over 20 different languages.

What is an Apostille Translation?

An apostille translation involves translating an official document that has been stamped with an apostille by a sworn translator. This translation is necessary when documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, or Certificates of Conduct need to be used in a country with a different official language.

The Importance of Sworn Apostille Translation

A sworn apostille translation is more than a standard translation. Sworn translators are authorized by the government to translate legal documents. This not only ensures accuracy but also ensures that the translated documents remain legally valid abroad, including the authenticity guaranteed by the apostille.

Translating Documents with Apostille

Bij Jurid Consult bieden we een volledige oplossing voor uw internationale documenten. Zo kunnen wij uw document eerst officieel vertalen. Vervolgens kunnen wij uw document van een apostille voorzien zodat deze rechtsgeldig is in het land waar u deze nodig hebt (legalisatie van documenten). 

Wij vertalen en valideren een breed scala aan documenten, waaronder:


Why Choose Jurid Consult?

Experience and Expertise: Our sworn translators have extensive experience in translating apostilled documents.

Quality Assurance: We guarantee the highest quality standards in both the translation and maintenance of the legal validity of your documents.

Fast Delivery: We understand that time can be crucial. Our team is committed to a quick and efficient delivery of your translated documents.

Global Recognition: Our translations are internationally recognized, which is essential for official purposes across borders.

Hoe werkt het?

We assess your document and the requirements for the apostille translation.
You receive your professionally translated and validated document.

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