• Legalisation United Arab Emirates

JuridConsult provides legalisation services by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates.

Handling time:

1 – 2 working days

Tariffs of the Embassy:

Personal documents: (diploma, birth certificate, marriage certificate etc.)                EUR 40,00
Certificate of Origin: EUR 40,00
Packing list: EUR 40,00
Health certificate: EUR 40,00
Extract Chamber of Commerce (KvK): EUR 500,00
Other (including corporate) documents around: EUR 500.00

Note: Invoice legalisation – depends on the value of the invoice. For the exact embassy costs for invoice legalisation please contact us by email: info@juridcosult.nl


1. Original document;
2. Original should be legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
3. Additional colour copy.

• In case document is in Dutch it should be translated into English by sworn translator (JuridConsult can assist you with providing sworn translation of the Dutch document into English);
• JuridConsult can assist you with the legalisation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
• JuridConsult can assist you with arranging an additional colour copy.

For any further questions please let us know by contacting on info@juridconsult.nl or by phone +31 626 52 3008.

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