• Attestation for UAE | Legalisation by Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

JuridConsult provides legalisation and attestation services at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the Netherlands for the purposes of being used in the UAE.

We legalise a variety of documents for the UAE, including but not limited to corporate documents, legal documents, civil documents, invoices, medical documents, educational documents and other documents.

Dutch documents that are considered to be used in the UAE should be attested by the Embassy UAE in The Hague.

Handling time:

1 – 2 working days

Tariffs of the Embassy:

Personal documents: (diploma, birth certificate, marriage certificate etc.)                EUR 40,00
Certificate of Origin: EUR 40,00
Packing list: EUR 40,00
Health certificate: EUR 40,00
Extract Chamber of Commerce (KvK): EUR 500,00
Other (including corporate) documents around: EUR 500.00

Note: Invoice legalisation – depends on the value of the invoice. For the exact embassy costs for invoice legalisation please contact us by email: info@juridcosult.nl


1. Original document;
2. Original should be legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
3. Additional colour copy.

• In case document is in Dutch it should be translated into English by sworn translator (JuridConsult can assist you with providing sworn translation of the Dutch document into English);
• JuridConsult can assist you with the legalisation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
• JuridConsult can assist you with arranging an additional colour copy.


Why JuridConsult?

  • swift and prompt communication (our team speaks in English, Dutch, Greek, Latvian and Russian);
  • professional team with 10 years expertise in legalisation, certification and translation fields;
  • case-by-case solution;
  • we are co-working with more than 60 embassies in the Netherlands and Belgium;
  • daily handling at the notaries public, courts and ministries;
  • careful processing of your order , reliable and confidential handling;
  • scanned copies of the completed documents by email (always is a must within our company);
  • postage and pick up by Fedex/DHL courier or registered mail;
  • fixed and affordable prices.

For any further questions please let us know by contacting on info@juridconsult.nl or by phone +31 626 52 3008.