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Dutch Marriage Certificate with Apostille

Once a marriage is registered on the territory of the Netherlands partners are entitled to a marriage certificate.

Dutch marriage certificate is issued in the Netherlands by a local municipality (Gemeente) at which the marriage was registered.

It might happen that the initial original marriage certificate has been lost, damaged or the issue date is too old for submitting such by particular institution, in this case it is possible to apply for an original copy (duplicate) of the marriage certificate a the local municipality which can be legalised or Apostilled afterwards for the use of such in another country.

Apply for Marriage Certificate from the Netherlands

The application for a new marriage certificate can be submitted in the following ways:

1.       By visiting the municipality in person (prior arranging the appointment for such); OR

2.       By submitting the request via DigidCode in online form on the municipality’s website; OR

3.       By submitting the application to the municipality by post; OR

4.       By submitting the request to JuridConsult by using the contact form.

      Most of  the municipalities offer to obtain the multilingual marriage certificate or international marriage certificate, which includes the translation into English, German and French. A governmental fee for a new marriage certificate applies and varies per municipality. Usually it takes between 2-4 weeks to issue a new marriage certificate, handling time depends on the municipality and its workload. 

Request Dutch marriage certificate

JuridConsult can assist you by obtaining a new copy of Dutch marriage certificate and among legalise and/or authenticate it for using it abroad. We can arrange Apostille on marriage certificate issued in the Netherlands or legalise it by the embassy or consulate.

JuridConsult is also specializing in obtaining the civil status documents, like birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate and other certificates and excerpts at the local municipalities and courts. Besides that we also offer legalisation, attestation and Apostille services. Simply by submitting your request through below request button you will save effort and time of bureaucratical handlings in applying for the required certificate and its legalisation/Apostille.

In order to request the Dutch Marriage Certificate we would require to receive the following documents (you can send your request by email to info@juridconsult.nl or submit your request at the below Contact us button):

  • a copy passport of one of the partners;
  • a copy of initial marriage certificate (is such applicable);
  • a completed and signed authorization form.

Besides the attestation and legalisation of FSC in the Netherlands, we would be happy to assist you with the attestation and legalisation of the following documents: 


We would be happy to assist you with the following services as well: sworn translations, arranging Dutch compoany extract, requesting tax residency certificate

Apostille and Legalisation services of JuridConsult

What you will benefit:

ü  swift and prompt communication (our team speaks in English, Dutch, Greek, Latvian and Russian);

ü  professional team with 10 years expertise in legalisation, certification and translation fields;

ü  case-by-case solution;

ü  we are co-working with more than 60 embassies in the Netherlands and Belgium;

ü  daily handling at the notaries public, courts and ministries;

ü  careful processing of your order , reliable and confidential handling;

ü  scanned copies of the completed documents by email (always is a must within our company);

ü  postage  and pick up by Fedex/DHL courier or registered mail;


ü  fixed and affordable prices.

“JuridConsult offers professional assistance in the legalisation and attestation services in the Netherlands. You can save your time and effort!

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